Terminal Moraine (Thistledown Press, 2008) ❖ ISBN 978-1-897235-53-9 ❖ 64 pages


Ian LeTourneau imagines history and memory as a glacial landscape that is both advancing and inert. The result is a collection where metaphor unfurls on a conveyor belt of precise language constructed to assemble the past we pretend not to remember, the future we try not to imagine, and the present we cannot escape. Terminal Moraine announces the arrival of an urgent new voice in Canadian poetry, one that embraces our myriad jagged landscapes, both personal and public, thawing and freezing.

“In some poems, LeTourneau brings all of his musical and metaphoric ability to bear on a mundane subject and makes it look easy.”
— Jesse Ferguson, Matrix

“. . . LeTourneau avoids the pitfalls of emotionalism and proselytizing and offers instead a thoughtful, intellectually satisfying ride.”
— Anna Mioduchowska, Prairie Fire Review of Books

Terminal Moraine is a landmark book. It entertains and ferries readers to the ‘otherworld’ poetry inhabits. . . . Reversals (i.e.: the tide, time, memory), renewals, and re-ordering predominate, but within these themes exists great diversity in subject, tone, and form.”
— Shelley A. Leedahl, Saskatchewan Publishers Group

“LeTourneau, like recent poetic forbears Christopher Dewdney, Tim Lilburn, and Don McKay, is intellectually equipped to go headlong into the scientific world with a philosophical head of steam and a spiritual magnifying glass.”
— Bill Robertson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“LeTourneau’s first book demonstrates a poetic aptitude of extraordinary breadth and depth.”
— Owen Percy, The Goose


Core Sample (Frog Hollow Press, 2017) ❖ 978-1-926948-49-2 ❖ 40 pages

KM_227-20180109115509New Brunswick Chapbook Series: Volume Three

Core Sample straddles the line between cynicism and hope, painting an unflinching portrait of 21st-century New Brunswick.”
—Jim Johnstone, “Legacy as Compass: the Revisioned New Brunswick Chapbook Series” in Parallel Universe: the poetries of New Brunswick, edited by Shane Neilson and Sue Sinclair (Frog Hollow Press, 2018)

Defining Range (Gaspereau Press, 2006) ❖ 9781554470310 ❖ 16 pages

DefiningRange2006The Devil’s Whim Occasional Chapbook Series: No. 17

Eleven poems on geography, geology, natural history and human interactions.

“Writing most often here in tight couplets or tercets, LeTourneau is a poet whose attention to metre and form upends the anti-formalist avant-garde by reclaiming the startling capabilities of rhyme, rhythm, and readability for a genre often recently obsessed with its own obscurity. . . . The disarming execution of these eleven poems cannot be overstated: nary a word seems excessive or out of place, and the poems-as-ecosystems seem so reliant upon — and connected to — every element of themselves that they come to stand for the seeming divine effortlessness of natural relationships which betray the absolute and complex fragility lying just beneath their very comprisal.”
— Owen Percy, The Goose


Play: Poems About Childhood. Frog Hollow Press, 2014.

I Saw it at the Movies. Guernica Editions, 2014.

Poet to Poet. Guernica Editions, 2012.

Home and Away: Alberta’s Finest Poets Muse on the Meaning of Home. House of Blue Skies, 2009.

Gaspereau Gloriatur Volume 1: Poetry. Gaspereau, 2007.

Writing the Land: Alberta Through Its Poets. House of Blue Skies, 2007.

Alberta Anthology 2006. Frontenac House, 2006.

Alberta Anthology 2005. Red Deer Press, 2005.

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