Emergency Flashmob Press

Emergency Flashmob Press is New Brunswick’s newest chapbook press. Our mission is to publish groundbreaking new work by Canadian poets. We have a soft spot for New Brunswick poets, and we particularly encourage BIPOC writers, writers with disabilities, and LGBTQQIA+ writers. Our first chapbooks and broadsides are projected for 2023!

We will be announcing our 2023 line-up soon, but we can tell you the broad strokes of our publishing program! In 2023 we will publish 3 chapbooks. Two of these will be the first two poetry chapbooks, and the other will be a chapbook-length essay on poetics, part of what we are calling our Entrepôt series — read more below. One may be available in the Spring, but they will all definitely be available in the fall, in plenty of time for UNB Poetry Weekend.

We will also be publishing a series of broadsides in the spirit of Joe Blades’ “a little something” series. These will be published in limited runs of 100 copies, free at events, and completely by whim of solicitation. Read more about our Poetry Erratic series below.

On top of all that, we have a newsletter in the works (in throwback physical format! a folded information-packed sheet of 11 x 17 in. paper for a nominal price) that will be focused on New Brunswick’s English-language literary and publishing history. It is tentatively titled “New Brunswick Bulletin of Literary History: a compendium of checklists, bibliographies, research notes, news, and factoids about the English-language literature and publishing activities in the province of New Brunswick.” If you have news that you think our readers would like to know about — say, a new publishing venture of your own or if you have a book being published this year, please send details to emergencyflashmobpress [at] gmail.com.

And there will be one surprise project! (Time, money, and whims of the universe pending!)


Entrepôt means “a warehouse for temporary storage of goods in transit” (Canadian Oxford). This chapbook series will be comprised of essays on poetics or craft by a Canadian poet. Think of the warehouse as the physical book format where the ideas (goods) are in transit from the page into the great conversations taking place in contemporary literature.

We will publish one essay each year. Stay tuned for the announcement of 2023’s essay soon.

Submissions to this series are always open. Submit now! Email manuscripts to emergencyflashmobpress [at] gmail.com.

Poetry Erratic

noun an irregular one-page poem printed in broadside format meant to be carried by a person interested in poetry and deposited in a library or collection some distance from where it was acquired. (Definition mangled from definition of “erratic.”)

If you were around in Broken Jaw Press’ heyday, then you might recall “…a little something series,” one-page publications that could be folded like a brochure and were available for free at events. (A checklist of these may be something that you might find in the newsletter. Just saying.)

There is no submission process for these; they will be solicited and published by whim.

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