On Terminal Moraine (Thistledown Press, 2008)

“In some poems, LeTourneau brings all of his musical and metaphoric ability to bear on a mundane subject and makes it look easy.” -Jesse Ferguson, Matrix

“. . . LeTourneau avoids the pitfalls of emotionalism and proselytizing and offers instead a thoughtful, intellectually satisfying ride.” -Anna Mioduchowska, Prairie Fire Review of Books

Terminal Moraine is a landmark book. It entertains and ferries readers to the ‘otherworld’ poetry inhabits. . . . Reversals (i.e.: the tide, time, memory), renewals, and re-ordering predominate, but within these themes exists great diversity in subject, tone, and form.” -Shelley A. Leedahl, Saskatchewan Publishers Group

“LeTourneau, like recent poetic forbears Christopher Dewdney, Tim Lilburn, and Don McKay, is intellectually equipped to go headlong into the scientific world with a philosophical head of steam and a spiritual magnifying glass.” -Bill Robertson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“LeTourneau’s first book demonstrates a poetic aptitude of extraordinary breadth and depth.” -Owen Percy, The Goose

On Defining Range (Gaspereau, 2006)

“Writing most often here in tight couplets or tercets, LeTourneau is a poet whose attention to metre and form upends the anti-formalist avant-garde by reclaiming the startling capabilities of rhyme, rhythm, and readability for a genre often recently obsessed with its own obscurity. . . . The disarming execution of these eleven poems cannot be overstated: nary a word seems excessive or out of place, and the poems-as-ecosystems seem so reliant upon — and connected to — every element of themselves that they come to stand for the seeming divine effortlessness of natural relationships which betray the absolute and complex fragility lying just beneath their very comprisal.” -Owen Percy, The Goose

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