Manuscript Evaluation & Editing

Are you a poet with a recently completed manuscript that you’re not sure is ready? Looking for an experienced editor to evaluate and edit your work so that it’s polished, ready to venture out into the world in search of a publisher or for you to confidently self-publish?

Then my 10+ years of editing experience are what you need. My specialization is poetry, but I will consider working on other projects.

My Experience
I have extensive experience working with words. I’m currently a poetry editor at The Fiddlehead. I was the associate poetry editor at Goose Lane Editions and on their acquisitions board for two years (2011-2013). Since 2012, I’ve copyedited 11 poetry books as part of Goose Lane’s Icehouse Poetry imprint. Not to mention all kinds of freelance projects, from proofreading PhD theses to e-books. Plus, I’ve taught literature and composition at three universities, as well as numerous writing workshops.

How My Service Works
Please email me a query with a one page synopsis of your project, and information about you (brief bio, publication history, etc.). Please DO NOT send your manuscript until I have agreed to take you on and we have agreed upon a plan and schedule of work. I can only take on a few authors per year.

The main deliverables will be a 5-10 page typed evaluation, a marked-up copy of your manuscript, and 2 hour consultation (in person if possible or Skype/FaceTime), all within 3 months of the date of our agreement.

I charge a flat fee of $300 + $2/page. For instance, if you have a 100 page poetry manuscript, the cost will be $500 (300 + (2 x 100)). Half will be payable up front, and the other half due just before the manuscript is returned. Alternative payment models can be worked out.

Query me at ian.letourneau[at] with the subject heading “Editing Service.”