September 2008

A few weeks ago I clicked on an ad on Bookninja and asked for a free copy of a new book from Simon & Schuster. I mean, a free book […]

Adrienne sent some photos today. Here are the four stars from the New Leaf Series Launch signing our books. (Seated from left to right: Kelly-Anne Riess, moi, Taylor Leedhal, Adrienne […]

Some deer stopped by this evening to grab a bite from what’s left of our garden. Deer #1, just below out kitchen window. Deer #2, looking a little annoyed that […]

Arrived home at about 8:30 last night. Loooooong day of driving. Wyatt is feeling a lot better now, too. Here’s a picture from the launch.

The launch went very well last night. Some reports had the attendance at 175 people. There was standing room only. I think Thistledown did well with book sales. I read […]

Today I got a nice surprise: a small box appeared in my mail that contained several hundred bookmarks advertizing my book. I also received 50 copies of my book in […]

It cost us 12 pounds to get in. My highlights: walking past the tomb of Elizabeth I, touching the tomb of Chaucer, seeing the memorial to the WWI poets, and […]

This coming Saturday I will be in Saskatoon to launch my poetry book, Terminal Moraine. September 13, 2008 Off-Broadway Dinner Theatre, 7:30pm