A Few Significant Milestones

20130316-123347.jpg2013 marks a few significant milestones for me. Ten years ago on June 4 I received my MA (English) from UNB. I framed the poster that announced my defence, which still hangs above my desk. The name of my thesis was “Brash Postcards from the Wilderness: Don McKay’s Ecopoetry.”

The other significant milestone that 2013 marks is five years since the publication of my book Terminal Moraine. After returning from Nuuk, Greenland in early September, my family and I drove to Saskatoon from Alberta (where we were living at the time) to attend the book launch. Estimates of the crowd that night ranged between 150-200 in attendance. Thistledown Press treated me well, paying for my travel and putting me up in a motel, and I launched with the three other poets from the New Leaf series, Taylor Leedhal, Adrienne Gruber, and Kelly-Anne Reiss. I’ll never forget this night because while I was reading a poem about my son’s syllable-testing as an infant, he said “daddy” loud enough for the room to hear. There was a collective “awwww” and I struggled to finish reading the poem (which to this day I can’t read out loud). Needless to say, this will be a story for me to tell for the rest of my life.

It’s also twenty years since high school graduation. Yikes, but who’s counting?

What will happen in the next five years? Ten? Twenty?