Thinking of Spring

Well, more precisely, the spring book season. I’ve just finished copyediting the second of two Goose Lane spring poetry releases under the Ice House imprint: Carmelita McGrath’s Escape Velocity and Adrienne Barrett’s The House is Still Standing.

CarmelitaMcGrath AdrienneBarrett

As associate poetry editor and member of the acquisitions board, I’ve seen the two manuscripts months and months ago when we accepted them. But they’re better now, thanks to editors Katia Grubisic and James Langer. But these aren’t the only books I’m looking forward to: one of my favourite poets, Sharon McCartney, has a new book Hard Ass coming out with Palimpsest. Can’t wait for this one! I think she’s one of the most underrated poets in the country. I am slightly biased–Sharon’s a friend of mine–but pick up any of her books, and I think you’ll agree with me.

And I’ll be glad once spring is actually here. Not only will I have these books in my hands, and not only will the snow mostly be gone, but I’ll be freed up a little from all the contracts that have come my way lately. Aside from these copyediting contracts, I’ve got a few proofreading jobs, a few grants to write for The Fiddlehead, and a re-write to do for the online English course I’m teaching through UNB. And that will mean I am almost on my way to Ottawa for The Writers’ Union of Canada’s AGM, where I’ll be moderating a panel on book reviewing. And then teaching a workshop at the Maritime Writers Workshop soon afterwards. And then off to the poetry festival in Whitehorse, Yukon. I’m busy, busy, busy, and I mostly like being that way. Hope to finish my own book this year, and things are starting to pick up–another reason I’m waiting for spring: more time, theoretically, to write! Or at least maybe by summer!