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About Me

I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I am the author of two books of poetry: Terminal Moraine (Thistledown, 2008), my first full-length collection, and Defining Range (Gaspereau Press, 2006, a chapbook of poems.

I currently work at the University of New Brunswick as the Graphic Designer and Secretary of The Fiddlehead, an internationally-renowned literary magazine, which I also currently serve as a poetry editor.

In May 2012, I ran in my first election as a candidate for Fredericton City Council in Ward 6 – Barkers Point/Lower St. Marys. While I did not win, I remain active in my community, and I plan to run again.

I live near the Saint John and Nashwaak rivers with my wife Sherry Coffey, my son Wyatt, and cat Milo. Sherry is also a writer and runs an active after school programme; Wyatt began attending Barkers Point School in 2011-12.

Ian LeTourneau
61 Watters Dr.
Fredericton, NB
E3A 3S9

Twitter: @ianletourneau

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  1. lyn cadence says:

    Do you have any updates for the site?
    May I have an email address to contact you?

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